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Amazing app if you like to fish u need to get this app

Love the app

Amazing app tells ware to fish and what to use and what kind of fish

Great App

Love using this app with my iBobber. Works great

Fun to share your catch and get rewards for doing so!

I like taking pictures of my catch but sometimes I just don’t take pictures or I don’t share them this app gives an incentive to do so it is just very hard to save up to things like the i bobber

This is a fun app great community

Netfish has been a ton of fun. Just found it a couple of months ago and interacting with the community and getting gear for posting your catches is a bonus. I’ve been able to cash in reelwards twice now. Just have to catch, post and interact.


When I catch a fish using live bait, it prompts me to enter a lure when no lure is used and it is required. Also the lure, rod, and reel selection is not working on mobile data for me. It does not let me select anything. Other than that great app


This app is amazing 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Love it

Don’t ever get on Facebook when bored anymore

Great Fishing App

Great Application, love being able to see suggested bait usage for individual waterways. Just wish that you could add the types of bait that work the best for you in that particular waterway!

Best app for an angler out there!

I’ve looked at and tried almost every fishing app out there, I stopped once I found NetFish. It is similar in a lot of way to Fishbrain but is absolutely free and better (in my opinion). The free info is this apps best downloadable point. It gives you everything you need, the picture of the catch, the lake, the day, what it was caught on, and so on. You would have to pay to get all that info on Fishbrain. This app, along with its partnership with iBobber, is hands down my go to app for fishing post and info. Oh! I almost forgot, NetFish also has articles and videos to boot, something you don’t see with those other guys, and let’s not forget about the reelwards program. A free app, that gives and gives, is a okay in my book. Great job NetFish!

NetFish is the best!!

I love this freaking app! I’ve found so many ponds around my house that I didn’t know about. And I’ve caught some biggin’s out on the lake because it says the best spots to fish. I love NetFish.

Great app

Just downloaded it seems to work great

GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is great app. Great fishing maps and good info from posts plus you get free rewards!!!!


Hate the app I almost got enough coins to get what I wanted and it kicked me out and made me sign back in so I lost all my coins

Nice app

I love this app ,it’s cool

NetFish is very user friendly

Maps for southeast Missouri are very accurate. Enjoy using it

Fishnet is awesome

I learn a lot from this app and it is awesome you could see other peoples catches


App is great love that I can search just about anywhere I want

Great app

Amazing , best fishing app ever

Good app, not great

I (hawkman1783) have recently gotten this app, and I think that it is pretty good. I just think that the points you receive are very small to how much it takes to get anything. I also think that some of the formatting could be improved. Very good app over all.


I love this app it is easy to share your catch or anything else that's cool with others have had no problems with it so far.


AWSOME way to find new spots


Nice to meet and see people who enjoy the same hobby as me.


It is Facebook for fishing

Great app but...

I really enjoy many of the features of this app. The ability to connect with other fishermen and share photos, tips and stories is great. I have had nothing but trouble with the rewards. The response time and the loopholes as well as changing the amount of points rewarded and needed to redeem is kind of ridiculous. I redeemed points that they claim were obtained “illegitimately” and was not given my reward. I continued to obtain points “legitimately” and tried to redeem them and was not given my reward or the points back. The rewards system on this app is a joke. Don’t bother spending the time and effort on the rewards. You will be disappointed.


Love the app. I love fishing and seeing what everyone else catches. Haven't been able to get any products but I'll be looking forward to them and using them.

Great app!

I love this app! I’ve used a number of different fishing apps and this by far outclasses the others!

Great app

Great app to know what and where people are catching fish

This adds to the fun

What a great way to share your fishing experience while making new friends thru this networking app all the time earning points towards some great free gear! FUN!! LEARN!! And EARN!! Who can ask for more oh wait there is it’s FREE!!!!

Amazing app

This is one of the best fishing apps I️ have ever had. Much better than all the other ones and the best part about is is how you can earn points and get rewarded by catching fish. The only thing I️ would improve is getting more water ways recommend that are really good for fishing. I️ would also lower the amount of points you need to get things or make it easier to get points

Good app.... but

Nice and free, just not a lot of lakes near my area.


Really cool app, great way to connect with other fishermen


So awesome


Great app. It's gonna help find new spots and what to use. Needs some work. Takes forever to load and barely opens

Good app but draw backs

I have read a few other reviews and I agree with people about the points. Way too high for some things on here but that’s not something that greatly concerns me. What does get me is I like to use fishing near me and the one spot that I keep getting doesn’t even exist any more. They drained that pond years ago. Living in Kansas I do have great places to fish but I am always looking for more. I have no problem traveling to fish either. Maybe increase the search parameters for that to include 100 miles or more from current location. Also I would second the notion that there needs to be more detailed info on what to use in different waters. It says same thing for everything in Kansas. It doesn’t work that way here just saying. On a separate note I do have an ibobber and yes I love using it and it has helped me land or my daughter land the fish I have uploaded to the app. Thanks for taking time to read this.



Awesome app

Found this app through jigging with Jordan! Keep up the good work.

Love this

Unlike other fishing app were you have to pay this you don’t I. Love. It. JigginWithJordan sent me

Ok idea

Cool idea doesn't have enough data on there... I know MS is a rural state but the reservoir is right next to Jackson its close to the biggest body of water in the state def top 3... Most people who fish freshwater probably live in rural areas. Rating it good bc maybe they will add data and really cool idea

Multiple Issues

So let me start by saying that I understand this is a free app. Unfortunately you get what you pay for (or didn't pay for). The app requires you to give details about your catch, which would be fine if they had everything you needed. Multiple major brands are missing (Bass Pro included), so when I went to post about my catch I had to pick a bunch of gear I didn't use. This renders an app like this nearly useless. If the point is to share information then there needs to be custom fields or a way to omit details that don't list your gear. I also found the map feature restrictive and difficult to use. I searched for a well known lake in my area and it was the very last choice in the list of about 15 other lakes with the same name (no location info included) so I had to search 15 times to find the right one. Again I know this is a free app and it will get better, but for now this app did nothing but make me run back to my other fishing apps.

Awesome app.........but

Awesome app. Works great and doesn't crash on me. Also I am so excited that it doesn't cost anything like the other apps. But the only 2 problems are that the points are so low compared to the rewards and there is not a whole lot of lakes that I can find exactly what lures to use there. Most of the lakes I look up whether it be Okeechobee or Lake Fork the lures to use is always the same and really doesn't help out a lot on that. The points to redeem a reward are outrageous. I figured that if u want the hobie kayak which is 900,000 points then u would have to post a catch every day for 82 years to get it. Whenever I am 90 something years old I am not going to want a kayak anymore. There are other ways to get more points but it would take you years to save up for something like the kayak, yeti cooler, or ibobber without going to the website and buying stuff to get 1,000 points. To fix this add more ways to earn points or lower the points required to get rewards. If this and the lure to use on whichever lake was fixed it would be a easy 5⭐️ app.


I love the rewards you can get.

Solid app.

Solid app.

Fun way to connect

This app is really a fun way to connect with anglers from all over, see what they're catching, and learn from each other.

Love it

I Absolutely love it. Works good and is a good way to stay in touch with fisherman. Love the reel wards program and already have about 400 or so points. Can't wait to use it even more

Works great now

Saw this app on lunkerstv and downloaded it. Couldn't sign in or even use the app at all, just loads forever then says the request timed out. A couple of updates and it was fine. Great app

Had some glitches but it's good now.

It's been "waiting" for about 30 minutes now. Thought it was my device but I downloaded another app just fine right now. Reset my device and still nothing. Update: after a while it finally kicked in and it's a pretty cool way to find new fishing spots. Although the login process is timing out on me now.


The app is honestly the best fishing app I have ever used. It tells you the best times to fish, really good places, and the fish that's there. I love you app.

Great new app

Learned about this app from Lunkers tv on YouTube, downloaded it and am enjoying it.

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